The latest addition to the product line is the B310, characterised by a diverse range of produced water: ultrapure (Grade 1 / Type 1), pure (Grade 2 / Type 2) and RO water. It is available in two configurations B310 HPLC and B310 Bio.

The B310 has completely new electronics and software, providing a number of additional features:

  • large colour touch screen,
  • data logging capability,
  • warning and alarm messages,
  • a wide range of flow control options,
  • the ability to connect multiple remote dispensers,
  • Ethernet and USB interfaces,
  • dispense report preparation,
  • improved accuracy of conductivity and TOC measurements,
  • a pressurised tank can be added for RO water storage.

The system also includes RO water recirculation, which reduces tap water consumption.

All systems are supplied as fully operational set.

More information at the product section.

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