Water polishing system Connect Remote

Connect Remote

The Adrona range of water polishing systems is joined by Connect Remote, a water polishing unit controlled by a remote dispenser Flow Point. The dispenser ensures full functionality of the system. Access to the unit is only required for replacement of consumables.

Installation options

The new modification is designed to expand the possibilities of placing the unit in the laboratory.

The water purification unit can be placed on or under a table, on a wall or even installed in a room behind a wall.

The connection between the system and the Flow Point water dispenser is 3 m long.

System Capabilities

Produces ultrapure Grade 1 water meeting ISO 3696 standard.

Flow Point remote dispenser – controlled via a convenient and space-saving remote dispenser.

Connection to a pre-treated water system – centralised or pressurised – is required.


The Adrona Connect Remote is available in the three common configurations – Trace, HPLC and Bio.


The product will be available from September this year.

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